I once heard an Easter Sunday sermon at an Episcopal Church in which the priest detailed on what day Easter Sunday would fall every year for the forthcoming 25 years. Of course, this is easy to do: the current version of the Book of Common Prayer includes a table listing the date of Easter each year from 1900 to 2089! The point behind the sermon was that we have tamed Easter, made it safe and predictable, and so we rather mindlessly go through the motions of remembering the passion, death of resurrection of Christ at the beginning of every spring. And then we go back to living our lives as if nothing has changed. And, consequently, nothing does change.

But if we had no idea when Easter would spring forth into our lives? What if the power of resurrection could burst open the literal and metaphorical tombs of our lives, in any place at any time? How would that change things? What if Easter were… well, dangerous? What if Easter threatened to shatter our comfort and mindlessness, turn our lives upside down, challenge us and demand from us our very lives?

What would Easter look like then? And how would we respond?