Saving God from Religion: A Conversation with Robin Meyers

Last week I was invited to participate in a video sponsored by my good friends from North Georgia, Mountaintop Learning (formerly Mountaintop Lectures). Mountaintop used to host events twice a year when contemporary Christian thought leaders would come to North Georgia and give a lecture series. That program was a casualty of the pandemic, but in its place Mountaintop Learning has emerged as a new Youtube channel. Kicking off the program, last week we interviewed Dr. Robin Meyers, activist, pastor, and author of a number of books exploring Christianity from a socially and politically progressive perspective. Dr. Meyers made some provocative statements — including questioning whether belief in a personal God is still relevant. I think the conversation that followed touched on a number of fascinating points. Here’s the video — hope you enjoy it!

To learn more about Robin Meyers, you can check out his books on Amazon by clicking here.


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