A Julian of Norwich Meditation

Here’s a meditation I developed a few months ago for a retreat I led for an Episcopal Church. It’s based on Julian of Norwich’s vision of the hazelnut. Before you listen to the meditation, take a moment to find a small object (like a hazelnut, a shell, or a rock) that you can hold in your hand while you meditate. It doesn’t have to be a natural object — a ring or a key could work as well. If you simply don’t have a small object handy, then feel free to “hold the object” in your imagination as you practice the meditation.

I hope you enjoy the meditation. Remember the three principles: “God made it, God loves it, God keeps it.” May you have a sense of God’s love for you, as your “maker, keeper and lover.”

N.B. For the same retreat where I led this meditation, I also developed a meditation based on another English mystic, Evelyn Underhill. You can access that meditation by clicking here.


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