A New Thank You Gift for Patrons: “Contemplative” Prayer Cards!


Hello friends, here’s a little video for you to watch…

I recently did some training with the folks who operate Patreon, the membership website that provides a way for individuals to support creative professionals (like me). Over 100 people help make the Anamchara.com blog possible through Patreon, and their ongoing support has made a profound difference in my ability to manage — and write new content for — this blog.

Patreon encourages its creative professionals to develop small “thank you” gifts for current and new patrons. As I reflected on this idea, what came to mind was a series of prayer cards — cards with beautiful images on one side and meditations, prompts or other prayer-related writing on the other side, writing drawn from either this blog, or one of my books, or even new writing specifically for the card. I very quickly created four of these cards and had them printed up. I’ve got ideas for at least two dozen (!) more, so I will continue to create new prayer cards, probably 1-3 new ones each quarter.

These will not be for sale — they’ll be available exclusively as thank you gifts for patrons. All patrons will receive PDF copies that you can print for yourself or store on your electronic device. Patrons at the $10/month or higher levels will get actual cards, mailed to you from me. And for patrons at the $20/month or higher levels, I’ll autograph the cards.

Whenever I poll the patrons of this blog, you consistently say that most of you support the blog just because you love it, and not for any “perks” you may receive. I understand and appreciate that! Still, these cards are a fun thing for me to do as a special way of expressing my gratitude for your support. I hope you will enjoy the cards.

To join my circle of Patreon supporters, click here: www.patreon.com/carlmccolman

(Note: the first set of cards will be mailed out starting in March, so please, join Patreon now so you can get your cards when they’re ready for you).


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