Advance Praise for Eternal Heart

Friends, I am so happy to report that my forthcoming book, Eternal Heart, has now made it through the editing and proofreading process and the publisher is preparing it for publication. It’s always an exciting point in the publishing process — and part of what makes this time so wonderful is that we send the manuscript to other authors and reviewers to get some advance words of encouragement or praise. Obviously, the main purpose of this is to feature such endorsements on the back cover or inside the front cover. But there’s no reason I can’t share them with you  now, here on my blog!

Scroll down to see the first five endorsements that Eternal Heart has received. (More to come!) I hope this will whet your appetite for the book. If you would like to read it, please pre-order it — pre-orders are instrumental for making decisions as to how much marketing effort will be put behind a book, and how prominently it will be featured on and other retailer websites. So your pre-order makes a difference. Thank you.

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Advance Praise for Eternal Heart:

Eternal Heart is a beautiful offering that not only informs us about what contemplation is but also gives us a felt sense of its quiet aliveness and joy. Reading it feels like listening to a gentle call. One that calls us back to our hearts — that place deep within—where we feel held and loved by God and where God is a living reality. Rich in teachings from the classical mystical tradition, this book is not only meant to be read but also prayed.

—​ the Rev. ​Adam Bucko
director of The Center for Spiritual Imagination
co-author of
Occupy Spirituality and The New Monasticism

There is no better time than now to delve into the subject of the heart. Carl McColman takes us into a metaphysical and seamless journey to gather a kind of joy so immense we cannot grasp it. He expands the mind with questions of what might be beyond infinity, beyond eternal. He leads us further into our hearts as sleuths in the mystery of life. What joy! Eternal Heart is a wonderful offering.

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel
ordained Zen Buddhist priest and author of several books
including The Deepest Peace: Contemplations From a Season of Stillness.

Eternal Heart is a sustained rhapsody on every aspect of the spiritual life, woven in a language full of insight, rich in reference, speaking directly to the love-hungry heart.

Brother Paul Quenon ocso
poet, Cistercian monk, and author of
Unquiet Vigil and In Praise of the Useless Life

With kindness and courage, Carl McColman invites his readers to travel with him on a journey, well-paved by ancient mystics and contemporary sages. McColman himself is a wise guide, offering both personal stories and spiritual practices to lead us into an awakened heart, one that is conscious of its own restless limitations and ready to discover that the loving presence of God was there all along. This book is a treasure for the heart.

Christiana N. Peterson
author of Awakened by Death and Mystics and Misfits

In Eternal Heart, Carl McColman illuminates the pathway of the heart with wisdom, ease, and a touch of joy. Through the aperture of mysticism, he draws from an expansive range of faith and prayer traditions, inviting us into eternal possibility. Eternal Heart shines a light on the teachings, practices, and ways of seeing that can bring us closer to divine presence.

Colette Lafia
author of The Divine Heart: Seven Ways to Live in God’s Love
and Seeking Surrender.

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