A New Initiative for 2022: The Contemplative Study of Mystical Writings


Friends, I want to invite you to a special online meeting on Thursday, January 13 to talk about my new initiative, which I am calling “The Contemplative Study of Mystical Writings.” Hope to see you there — to register, click here. This is an outgrowth of conversations I have been having through social media as well as with my blog’s financial backers, who support my work through...

A Great Mystical Book — With a Surprising Title


I’ve recently been re-reading one of the most fascinating and unusual books of mystical wisdom to have been written within the last 100 years. This is actually my third time through the book, and I know I will read it again, certainly more than once. It’s one of those rare books that rewards multiple readings, each new journey through it yielding new insights. I’m not the only...

Celebrate Your Eternal Heart with these Podcasts (and Video)!


I haven’t created any new videos or podcasts of my own for a while — something I hope to change this fall. One of the reasons why I have been AWOL from the world of audio and video content, is because I’ve been invited as a guest on several other podcasts. Most of these have been interested in Eternal Heart, so we’ve talked about that book — but the topics tend to be free...

The Wisdom of the Heart (the Eternal Heart Book Launch Celebration!)


Friends, in case you missed it, here is a recording of the Eternal Heart book launch celebration! We gathered on the evening of June 29 — if you missed it, or want to view it again, watch the video below. The theme of the evening was “the Wisdom of the Heart.” To explore that topic, authors Lerita Coleman Brown and Colette Lafia and folksinger Caroline Herring joined in the...

Come to the Eternal Heart Publication Day Celebration — June 29, 2021!


Friends, you are invited to a special virtual event: the Eternal Heart Book Launch Celebration! We will gather via Zoom on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 from 7:30 – 8:45 PM (Eastern Time). Our gathering will include music by folksinger Caroline Herring, and words from two special “Heart Authors” — Lerita Coleman Brown and Colette Lafia! I’ll read a few selections from the book...

What I look for when I read contemplative books


I often get asked to recommend “the best” contemplative books. I’m happy to do so (see this post for a recent attempt to list some of the better books), but today I thought I’d do something a bit different. Instead of just rolling off a list of my personal favorites, I’ll share with you how I decide which books I consider to be truly worth reading, savoring, and...

So Many Books, So Little Time…


Lately I’ve been posting on social media a “book of the day.” It’s a combination of new books that I find interesting (which I may or may not have read), along with an assortment of books in my library ranging from antiquarian treasures to more recently published titles. Here’s a recent example: View this post on Instagram A post shared by Carl McColman ♾♥️...

Even More (!) Advance Praise for “Eternal Heart”


In February I published the first words of endorsement that my forthcoming book, Eternal Heart, received, and then in March I published more words of support from authors like Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Adam Bucko, Br. Paul Quenon, Mirabai Starr, Judith Valente, and others. Today’s post features more words of praise from advance readers. Scroll down to see these latest endorsements that Eternal...

A “Top Ten” List of Christian Contemplative Books


A reader writes, Wondering if you have an updated list of top ten books about Christian contemplation? Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have a fondness for publishing lists of books I love and like to recommend. For example, two years ago I published a list of Twelve Contemplative Books for Christian Transformation. I can’t recall that I’ve ever published a “Top Ten”...

Do You Follow Me On Instagram (Or Should I Say, “Bookstagram”)?


Friends, I’ve had an Instagram account for maybe seven years now, but it’s always been the poor stepchild of my social media accounts. All the action seemed to take place on Facebook and Twitter, with LinkedIn and Goodreads functioning as my “second tier” hangouts. Instagram, like Pinterest, seemed little more than a silly diversion, a chance to see (or post) amusing cat...

Hunting Magic Eels: the Quest for a Re-Enchanted Christianity


Richard Beck, professor of psychology at Abilene Christian University in Texas, has just released a book that will certainly be a finalist for “most whimsical title.” Hunting Magic Eels: Recovering an Enchanted Faith in a Skeptical Age covers a lot of ground that I love: looking at sacramentalism, Celtic spirituality, mysticism, contemplation, and even a sprinkling of Tolkien and C.S...

Advance Praise for Eternal Heart


Friends, I am so happy to report that my forthcoming book, Eternal Heart, has now made it through the editing and proofreading process and the publisher is preparing it for publication. It’s always an exciting point in the publishing process — and part of what makes this time so wonderful is that we send the manuscript to other authors and reviewers to get some advance words of...



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