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Hi friends, just a quick post to let you know that I’ve set up an account with Ko-Fi, which gives you another option (an alternative to Patreon) for supporting and my writing ministry. If you want to make a small “tip” or donation, either on a one-time or a monthly basis, you can use Ko-Fi — you can set the dollar amount, and can pay using your credit card or...

Happy Anniversary to Vaughan Williams’ Mass in G Minor!


December 6 is quite a special day. It’s the feast day of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children (also known as Father Christmas). In 1875, one of the great mystics of the 20th century, Evelyn Underhill, was born on this day. Fifteen years later, another mystic, the esotericist Violet Firth (better known by her pen name, Dion Fortune) also was born on 12/6. The treaty between England and...

Some Podcasts You Might Enjoy


Over the past few months I have had the good fortune to be the guest on a few podcasts. Perhaps you might enjoy listening to them. If so, check the episodes out below… First up is “The Wisdom’s Table” podcast with Philip Averay, an Anglican priest based in Wales. We spoke about “The Treasures of Christian Mysticism.” My dear friend Kim Martin interviewed both...

Get a Centering Prayer “Affirmations” Bookmark


Friends, as you can see from this photo, I have a new bookmark and I’d love to send a couple of them to you. While one side of the bookmark is “advertising” — what I’m most excited to be sharing with you is a prayer I call my “Centering Prayer Affirmations” prayer. Even though during Centering Prayer we only use a single Sacred Word, it’s customary to...

Get Verbum to Study the Bible, Explore the Mystics, and… Read a Few of My Books, Too!


It’s no secret to anyone who has been reading my blog for a while that I’m a huge fan of Verbum. Verbum is a Bible study software designed specifically for Catholics or anyone interested in a Catholic approach to Biblical scholarship. It draws on the entire history of Christian theology and spirituality, meaning that when you study a particular passage, you can receive guidance in...

Thanks for Stopping By


I’m glad you’re visiting my website. I’m Carl — and here’s a little bit about me. I am a writer, blogger, podcaster, spiritual director, and speaker. While I work with words for a living, I love to explore what ultimately cannot be put into words: topics like silence and love — and God. On my blog I write about whatever captures my attention, but there are four topics I...

Via Mystica — An Online Resource for Exploring Christian Mysticism


Friends, I’m pleased to announce that I have launched a new section on this website called Via Mystica. To visit it, click here: Via Mystica is a website devoted entirely to the study and practice of Christian mystical spirituality. It’s still in its beginning stages, but let me share with you my vision for what it can be. My intention is for this to be an online...

Elemental Scotland — July 21-27, 2019


A Retreat and Pilgrimage on the Isle of Mull (with visits to Iona and other sacred sites) — led by Carl and Fran McColman, Laura Imperial, and Phil Foster This retreat is fully booked. Please contact us if you would like to be placed on a waiting list. Explore the wisdom, the poetry, and the sacred stories of Celtic Scotland on this seven-day retreat in the windswept Hebridean Isle of Mull! Join...

Support Anamchara through Patreon


Readers like you make this website possible. Anamchara — an online resource for the exploration of Christian and interfaith mysticism, contemplative living, and silent prayer — includes a blog, a knowledge base, and audio/video content. It’s a labor of love and requires several hours each workday to keep going. This website is made possible by the generous support of readers like you. When...

Seven Reasons to Pray the Divine Office


Everyone knows that monks devote their lives to silence, but also to daily prayer and chanting. Monastic prayer occurs at fixed-hours throughout the day. The rota of Psalms, canticles, scripture readings, antiphons and other prayers that incorporate this daily liturgy is known as the Divine Office (or the Daily Office, or the Liturgy of the Hours). Praying the Divine Office is central to monastic...

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