Patreon Membership Rewards for 2023


Hi friends, just wanted to give readers of this blog a look at what your membership in my Patreon program will provide in 2023. If you’re new to Patreon, it is an ongoing membership/crowdfunding program specifically for writers, musicians, podcasters, artists, game designers and other “content creators.” It’s a way for you to invest a small monthly amount (most people...

An Interview With the Georgia Writers’ Association


Earlier today I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Terri Dudenhoeffer of the Georgia Writers’ Association for their “Q&A Sessions with Georgia Authors.” I’ve had the good fortune to have two books honored by the Georgia Author of the Year Awards; Befriending Silence won in the Inspirational/Religious Category in 2015, and Unteachable Lessons was a finalist in...

Imagination, Creativity and Spirituality (They Go Together Well)


Why did God give us the gift of imagination? If the idea of God giving us imagination puts you off, then why did evolution, or the universe, give it to us? It seems to me that, fairly early on in human history, the ability to visualize something other than what is front of us must have had marvelous implications for thriving in the world. The ability to imagine something different is what lies at...

Writing, Quoting, Creating: On the Use of Other People’s Words in the Midst of Your Own


Speaking to the Shalem Institute a few years back, Richard Rohr told an amusing story about a retreat he gave to the monks of Gethsemani Abbey (where Thomas Merton lived) early in his ministry. Feeling a bit intimidated by leading a retreat where his audience was mostly older than him and represented a lifetime of monastic observance, Rohr peppered his talk with quotes from Merton — but he found...



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