Prayer and the Contemplative Imagination • In Person Retreat in Atlanta, January 28




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“Be still and know that I am God” is a promise from the Psalms: a promise that God may be known through stillness, silence, and contemplation. But how do we truly know God — and how does stillness truly invite us into this deeper way of knowing? Explore these questions on in this featured presentation given by Carl McColman, speaker and teacher on mystical spirituality and contemplative living.

Learn how through insights from Christian mystics like Julian of Norwich, Ignatius of Loyola and Thomas Merton, we can discover how contemplative prayer is more than just a way to express our needs to God: it is a doorway to a deeper intimacy with the Spirit’s presence in our lives. Prayer, imaginative meditation and silent contemplation are tools for interior transformation and deep intuitive insight. When we learn to discover God’s presence in our lives through silent prayer and the imagination, we learn how to be more truly human — a Christlike presence for healing and hope in our troubled world.

EVENT DETAILS: This event is in-person only, and will be held on Saturday, January 28 from 9-12, in Chlld Hall at the Cathedral of St. Philip.

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Our facilitator, Carl McColman, is the author of many books, including  and The Big Book of Christian Mysticism (you can see all the books Cathedral Bookstore carries written by Carl McColman on this page). Based in Atlanta, he is a commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer Introductory Workshops and a popular blogger, podcaster and retreat leader. Learn more about Carl online at

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