Contemplative Study of Meditations on the Tarot


Course Introduction


Letter I: The Magician


Letter II: The High Priestess

Letter III: The Empress


Letter IV: The Emperor

Letter V: The Pope


Letter VI: The Lover

PDF of the slides from this meeting: Understanding Magic and Mysticism.

Letter VII: The Chariot

Letter VIII: Justice

Letter IX: The Hermit

Letter X: The Wheel of Fortune

Letter XI: Force

Letter XII: The Hanged Man

Letter XIII: Death


Letter XIV: Temperance

Letter XV: The Devil

Letter XVI: The Tower

Letter XVII: The Star

Letter XVIII: The Moon

Letter XIX: The Sun (Forthcoming, February 2023)

Letter XX: The Judgment (Forthcoming, March 2023)

Letter XXI: The Fool (Forthcoming, April 2023)

Letter XXII: The World (Forthcoming, May 2023)





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