Explore Mystical Christianity

Coming in 2021: the first of a series of online learning courses exploring the mystical element of Christian spirituality. Please sign up for the Anamchara email list to be notified when this (and subsequent) courses go live.

Here is a list of some of the courses that may be offered in the months/years to come:

    • Explore Mystical Christianity (with Evelyn Underhill)
    • Learn to Pray (with Teresa of Ávila)
    • Celebrate the Love of God (with Julian of Norwich)
    • Enter into Silence (with The Cloud of Unknowing)
    • Embrace Interspirituality (with Bede Griffiths and Sara Grant)
    • Learn the Jesus Prayer (with The Way of a Pilgrim)
    • Enjoy the Mysticism of Nature (with Hildegard of Bingen and Francis of Assisi)
    • Breakthrough to Nondual Mysticism with Meister Eckhart and John Ruusbroec)
    • Discover Radical Mysticism with Simone Weil)
    • Find Inner Wisdom with the Desert Mothers and Fathers)
    • Immerse yourself in Poetry and Ecology with the Celtic Saints)
    • Commit to the Mysticism of Justice (with Howard Thurman and Dorothee Soelle)

Please note: titles and content may change without notice, this is just to give you an idea of what is currently percolating in my notebook!

The first course, “Explore Mystical Christianity” will debut in 2021. Other courses will follow, 1-3 each year, depending on demand.

Hope to see you in a course soon!

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