“Do I stay Christian?” A Conversation with Brian D. McLaren on a Significant Question for Our Time


Last Wednesday I had the distinct honor of being part of a group interview with leading Christian theologian Brian D. McLaren. The occasion was in celebration of Brian’s latest book, Do I Stay Christian? A Guide for the Doubters, the Disappointed, and the Disillusioned. It’s a provocative title and, indeed, a provocative book. Brian is aiming to have a balanced but honest engagement with people who are identity as Christian, and/or participate in the institutional church, but now are considering whether it’s time to abandon that identity (and membership). To Brian’s credit, the book is not just a one-sided infomercial for why staying (or leaving) is the only correct answer. Rather, Brian aims to explain as best he can why it makes sense to leave — and likewise, why it makes sense to stay. In the end, he argues that perhaps the most important issue is not “do I stay or go?” but rather, “How can I live a meaningful, authentic, life of integrity — whether I remain in the church or not?” While this balanced and inclusive approach is sure to have its critics on both sides, I think he has come up with a wonderful, thoughtful book that can be helpful for anyone truly discerning what their relationship to Christianity (and the church) should look like moving forward.

We recorded the interview, so check it out:

And be sure to get a copy of Do I Stay Christian? — if you like to shop at Amazon, click here to order a copy (making a purchase through this link will support this blog, as Amazon will pay a small commission at no extra charge for you).


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