Even More (!) Advance Praise for “Eternal Heart”

In February I published the first words of endorsement that my forthcoming book, Eternal Heart, received, and then in March I published more words of support from authors like Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, Adam Bucko, Br. Paul Quenon, Mirabai Starr, Judith Valente, and others.

Today’s post features more words of praise from advance readers.

Scroll down to see these latest endorsements that Eternal Heart has received. I hope this will whet your appetite for the book. If you would like to read it, please pre-order it — pre-orders are instrumental for making decisions as to how much marketing effort will be put behind a book, and how prominently it will be featured on Amazon.com and other retailer websites. So your pre-order makes a difference. Thank you.

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Even More Advance Praise for Eternal Heart:

Carl McColman offers us another gift of contemplative insight and illumination. Eternal Heart invites the reader into various themes of the mystical life, deepening each one with wisdom from mystics of various traditions to help reveal the way to oneness as one of unity rather than division. He encourages us all to embrace this mystical gift and vision in our lives, one our world is so hungry for, and charts the way through accessible practices. Reading it I felt my heart kindled by both joy and possibility.

—​ Christine Valters Paintner
abbess of www.AbbeyoftheArts.com
author of  Sacred Time: Embracing
an Intentional Way of Life

Mysticism and contemplation can feel abstract and challenging even to those of us who are most curious about them, but Carl McColman’s Eternal Heart grounds these ancient practices in concepts familiar to everyone. Interweaving storytelling, scripture, and interfaith tools for contemplation, this book helps our hearts find a path toward the things they most long for.

Kaya Oakes
author of Radical Reinvention
and Slanted and Enchanted

Eternal Heart companions us tenderly through our restlessness and longing on a journey of presence and relationship with God. A seasoned spiritual author and guide, Carl McColman invites us to a place we already are, but haven’t quite found. In these pages, we re-encounter love, discernment, faith, silence, imagination, courage, renewal, and other gifts of the heart that engender sustaining hope and joy. You will be blessed by this book!”

Lisa Colón DeLay
host of the Spark My Muse podcast and
author of The Wild Land Within

Many of us feel comfortable using labels like, “teacher,” “healer,” “artist,” or “activist” to describe ourselves. Yet how many of us would feel comfortable using the term “mystic” when describing our spiritual lives? In response, Carl McColman makes a compelling case for why more of us should claim and embrace the mystical path. Not only does McColman explore how we can do this, he provides the encouragement and wisdom we need to get started – or to go deeper – on this journey.

Kate H. Rademacher
author of Reclaiming Rest

Carl McColman writes about mysticism with a clarity of vision that spans a breadth of traditions. I have assigned his Big Book of Christian Mysticism in my classes on Christian Spirituality and my students report back to me that they have loved it, and found it an accessible and welcome bridge from our everyday world to the esoteric worlds of saints, monastics, and Church doctors. Now with Eternal Heart, McColman has brought his readers on an even more intimate journey. Each chapter goes deep into the works of luminaries like Julian of Norwich and Thomas Merton, but ultimately this is a story about McColman’s own pilgrimage of growth and healing. Weaving the wisdom traditions of more than two millennia alongside a personal narrative of yearning, love, and loss, McColman has delivered a capstone book that will be a welcome resource to those on all points of the contemplative path.

David Dault
Executive Producer and Host, Things Not Seen and
Assistant Professor of Christian Spirituality
at Loyola University Chicago


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