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It’s no secret to anyone who has been reading my blog for a while that I’m a huge fan of Verbum. Verbum is a Bible study software designed specifically for Catholics or anyone interested in a Catholic approach to Biblical scholarship. It draws on the entire history of Christian theology and spirituality, meaning that when you study a particular passage, you can receive guidance in interpreting it from the doctors of the church, the saints and mystics of every generation, and the best of contemporary Biblical scholarship, both Catholic and ecumenical.

It’s a wonderful resource. You can read my reviews of Verbum here and here. If you read these reviews, you will see that one of the reasons I love Verbum is because you can get literally hundreds of books by the great mystics to add to your Verbum library. Many of these books are keyed to Biblical passages that the writers refer to, which means you can access them when doing your Biblical research. Imagine you are writing a sermon or preparing a Sunday School class — wouldn’t it be neat to offer insights from Julian of Norwich or Meister Eckhart on whatever passage you are speaking on?

But Verbum’s library doesn’t just stop with the saints, theologians and mystics of old. Many contemporary books have also been released on the Verbum platform. You can use Verbum in much the same way you would use the Kindle or Nook apps on your tablet or smartphone: in addition to being a powerhouse Bible-study tool, it also can function as a useful ebook reader.

With all that in mind, I’m excited to announce that two of my books have been released as Verbum ebooks! So if you use Verbum, you can download my books to your library. And if you don’t (yet) use Verbum, well, here’s another reason to consider making it your go-to application for Bible study software.

Befriending Silence: Discovering the Gifts of Cistercian Spirituality and Unteachable Lessons: Why Wisdom Can’t Be Taught (and Why That’s Okay) are the books you can add to your Verbum library. Click on the titles to learn more and/or to buy the Verbum editions.

If you are new to Verbum and would like to learn more, click here to visit a special Verbum page just for readers of my blog. — in fact, for a limited time, visit this page to get a special coupon for 10% off your first Verbum purchase!

Disclaimer: if you follow any of these links and make a purchase, I’ll receive an affiliate commission (at no extra cost to you). In other words, making a purchase this way will not only give yourself a premier Bible study program, but it will support my ministry as well. Thank you!

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