Mystical Minute II: The Book that Changed my Life

Here’s the second release in my new series of “Mystical Minute” videos. The topic of this one: “the book that changed my life.”

This is a brief introduction to Mysticism by Evelyn Underhill. After acknowledging that my first copy of the book (given to me by a friend when I was 18) has a hideously ugly cover, I briefly explain why this book matters to me — and why it might be a book that could change your life, too.

What I didn’t go into in the video: this book was also the inspiration of my book, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism.

Learn more about Evelyn Underhill by clicking here — and read more about Mysticism by clicking here. Or click here to read a paper I wrote for the 100th anniversary of this book (in 2011). And you can order it from Amazon by clicking here.

Here’s the cover art for the 1961 Dutton paperback edition — definitely not what I would call an attractive cover design!

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