Online Day of Reflection: Thomas Merton (April 24, 2021)

Thomas Merton is one of the towering figures of contemplative spirituality over the last century. This Trappist monk was a gifted writer and a brilliant interpreter of the Christian spiritual tradition, making the case for how contemplative spirituality remains relevant — and not just for monks and nuns. Our day of reflection will focus on three key “epiphanies” or moments of profound spiritual encounter in Merton’s life — at a Catholic Mass in Cuba in 1940; on a busy urban street corner in 1958, and at a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in 1968 (days before Merton’s untimely death at the age of 53). Each of these events offers a different window into the spirituality and mystical genius of Merton — and how his insights can inspire us today.

Dates: April 24, 2021
Time: 1 PM – 7 PM Eastern Time
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