Invitation to Celtic Wisdom


Accessible introduction to the spirituality and wisdom of the Celtic Christian tradition.


An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom draws on myth, folklore, poetry, and the tales of Celtic saints and heroes, to explore the spiritual tradition of the Celtic peoples — a tradition rooted in hospitality, love of nature, and a mystical sense of the presence of God. The Celtic way is more important than ever in our increasingly fractured and troubled times. It’s not just for people who have Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry — this is a universal wisdom for all people.

An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom is divided into three parts:

Part One: The Celtic Mystery: we begin by exploring the mystery inherent in the Celtic spiritual path with a brief discussion of the three streams of Celtic spirituality and an introduction to core ideas like thin places, holy wells, and “the edge of waiting.”

Part Two: The Celtic Saints: we go deeper by discovering how the faith of the Celtic saints is rooted in the desert spirituality of the early Christian tradition. We look closely at several Celtic saints, including Patrick, Brigid, and Brendan.

Part Three: Walking the Celtic Path: How do we “live” Celtic wisdom in our time? Through ageless values like hospitality, soul-friendship, storytelling, and the quest for the grail, we answer the invitation to make Celtic wisdom our own.

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Praise for An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom:

This book inspires us to say ‘yes’ to life by giving us tastes of Celtic spiritual treasures. Carl McColman is a true shanachie — he loves telling stories that make our hearts sing.
Ray Simpson, author of Celtic Christianity

If you have been looking for a cup to dip into the deep well of Celtic spirituality, you have found it in this book.  Carl McColman knows better than to try to quench your thirst.  Instead, he offers such brimming sips of Celtic storytelling, hospitality, soul friendship, and earthly blessing that you are bound to set off in search of more.
Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Holy Envy

Franciscans recognize the headwaters of our own spiritual tradition in much of Celtic spirituality: nature based, optimistic, experiential, and much more mystical than moralistic. Carl McColman’s stunning synthesis here is a great way to dive back into these wonder filled and genuinely refreshing headwaters.
Richard Rohr, author of Just This

With warm hospitality and the voice of a savvy storyteller, Carl McColman invites the reader to the feast of Celtic wisdom and prayer. In these pages you will find a company of Celtic saints to walk with through our sacred landscapes, insights and good humor to guide you and the clear voice of an author who knows the truth and depth of this tradition. Highly recommended.
Mary C. Earle, author of Holy Companions

An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom is a wonderful introduction to various aspects of the beautiful expression of the Christian faith from the ancient Celtic people. Carl McColman gently introduces the reader to various topics which are found in what is commonly called ‘Celtic Christianity’. With a brief introduction to each topic, which often includes dipping into the lives of various Celtic Saints, Carl manages, in his usual easy style, to bring a depth of wisdom, teaching, and information from the great and vast heritage of the Christian faith.
David Cole, author of 40 Days with the Celtic Saints

This lovely little book invites you to cross the threshold into the wondrous world of Celtic spirituality, beautifully written, it would be a perfect companion for a time of retreat and reflection.
Christine Valters Paintner, author of The Soul’s Slow Ripening

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