Christian Contemplation and the Meditations on the Tarot (Online Course: February-December 2022)


Sign up for Carl’s on-going study/practice circle for exploring the wisdom of the great mystics and contemplatives and the application of that wisdom to our lives today! The Contemplative Study of Mystical Writings begins in February 2o22 with an in-depth study of one of the most fascinating (and challenging) of 20th-century mystical writings: Meditations on the Tarot. Each month you will receive access to a video (or audio podcast) giving you insights to chapters from this book, along with a PDF study guide for each chapter, a spiritual exercise based on each chapter, and a community discussion board here at where you can interact with Carl and other participants in the course. In addition, monthly Zoom meetings will give you a chance to discuss the material with Carl in real time, as well as practicing centering prayer together.

There are two ways to register for the course: you can pay in full here for unlimited access to the course, or visit where you can gain access to the course for $20/month. The course will run from February through December 2022. Once you make your payment, you’ll receive instructions on how to register for the course. NOTE: The Course will open on or shortly before February 1, 2022. You will receive instructions on how to access the course at that time.


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