Julian of Norwich Bumper Sticker


Let everyone know that you love the great English mystic who assures us that “All Shall Be Well.”


The next time you are stuck at a red light, or crawling through rush hour traffic, let the folks behind you know what you wish you were doing — or what wonderful mystical literature you would rather be reading!

“There can be no doubt that Lady Julian is the greatest of the English mystics. Not only that, but she is one of the greatest English theologians,” wrote Thomas Merton, and I agree with him. If you haven’t read Julian, then read her — I bet you’ll agree with Merton too, and you’ll want this bumpersticker for your car.

Recognizing that many people may not know who Julian is, the sticker includes her most well-known quote: “All Shall Be Well.” We live in perilous times: don’t we all need a little bit of Julian’s love-infused optimism to help us along the way?

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