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Over the past few months I have had the good fortune to be the guest on a few podcasts. Perhaps you might enjoy listening to them. If so, check the episodes out below…

First up is “The Wisdom’s Table” podcast with Philip Averay, an Anglican priest based in Wales. We spoke about “The Treasures of Christian Mysticism.”

My dear friend Kim Martin interviewed both me and Fran (my wife) for two episodes of her “How Now” podcast. In the first episode we talk about the spirituality of long-term caregiving, based on my book Unteachable Lessons. The second part of the interview is a more general discussion of the spirituality of prayer. It was a delight not only talking with Kim, but also having Fran participate in the interviews!

Another conversation about Christian mysticism, this time on the “Inner Peace with Dr. Reese” podcast.

My good friend and co-conspirator Debonee Morgan interviewed me about Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory for an upcoming course I’m teaching with the organization she shepherds, Zeitgeist Atlanta.

Ignatius House is the Jesuit Retreat Center in Atlanta (and one of my favorite places). They host a regular Facebook Live program called “People of Hope,” and recently I was asked to share my thoughts on the joy of the season of Lent.

Last, but hopefully not least, is a podcast of nature sound recordings that I released recently on the Encountering Silence podcast. So instead of an interview, I get to share with you some of my favorite ambient recordings, mostly from nature. Enjoy!

And if you missed it, be sure to check out my Facebook Live Interview with the Georgia Writers’ Association. Most of my interviews focus on spirituality, this one was different in that the focus was on writing.

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