The Mystical Imagination: Quotations for Reflection and Meditation


One of my favorite topics to explore when leading a retreat is “The Mystical Imagination.” I often pair it with Centering Prayer, exploring how the silence of Centering Prayer naturally complements the inner imagery of prayer anchored in the imagination. When I lead such retreats, I often will share a variety of quotations with the retreatants to make the case for why the imagination...

Centering Prayer and the Mystical Imagination: Complementary Approaches to Intimacy with God


On Saturday, October 29, 2022, I will be leading an online day of reflection on┬áCentering Prayer and the Mystical Imagination. If you’d like to explore how to integrate silent prayer with imaginative prayer, this program may be for you. To learn more and to register, please click here: Centering Prayer and the Mystical Imagination. A few years ago, a popular contemporary Christian rock band...

Imagination, Creativity and Spirituality (They Go Together Well)


Why did God give us the gift of imagination? If the idea of God giving us imagination puts you off, then why did evolution, or the universe, give it to us? It seems to me that, fairly early on in human history, the ability to visualize something other than what is front of us must have had marvelous implications for thriving in the world. The ability to imagine something different is what lies at...



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