Ireland Pilgrimage: September 20-27, 2023


Update: Our Ireland Pilgrimage is full. Please click here to be added to the waiting list. I’ve partnered with Zeitgeist, an Atlanta-based spiritual community, to create a special interspiritual pilgrimage to Sacred Ireland in September 2023! We’ll explore sacred sites from both the pre-Christian and Christian traditions, celebrate the spiritual wisdom from Irish folklore, myth, story...

Ireland Pilgrimage in September 2023!!! Informational Meeting on Zoom — August 4, 2022!


Friends, I am thrilled to announce that my good friends at Zeitgeist Atlanta are hosting a Pilgrimage in Ireland, September 20-27, 2023 — and they have asked me to be the spiritual guide for this pilgrimage! This will be a very special week, as we will be keeping the size of the group very small: this will not be some big corporate “tour” — it will be a sacred pilgrimage, visiting...

Spiritual Lessons from a Pilgrimage to Ireland


I wrote the following article in 2002, when I was exploring Celtic paganism. I found it recently while looking for something in my archives and I thought it was worth sharing. It’s a reflection on my first trip to Ireland, when I was doing research for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Celtic Wisdom. I wrote from the perspective of a student of pagan and Goddess-centered spirituality. I...

Holy Wells: “Icons” of Celtic Spirituality


In my last post I made several references to Holy Wells as thin places. From the Chalice Well in western England, to Tobernault in northwest Ireland, to countless wells throughout the Celtic lands dedicated to St. Brigid or other much loved saints — Holy Wells (water sources that serve as places of prayer and veneration) are icons of the Celtic spirit. There is no “standard” Holy Well — they come...

Thin Places: Are they Celtic, pre-Celtic, or Universal?


I first heard of the notion of Thin Places the first time I visited Glendalough, the ancient monastery nestled in a glacial valley south of Dublin. We were there on a crisp October day, the forest filled with hardwoods dancing with autumn colors. Even as I stood in the carpark after first arriving, I could sense something special about the place; and when our tourguide told us about “thin...

Brigid’s Well, Tully, County Kildare, Ireland


Brigid’s Well, Tully, County Kildare, Ireland This page features photos of Brigid’s Well in County Kildare, Ireland. This well is a lovely example of the ongoing practice of water veneration in the Celtic world. Many wells and springs are dedicated to Brigid in Ireland; this one is especially lovely because of its location, within walking distance of the town of Kildare (“the...



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