Life Lessons


Lessons From a Feral Cat, Part II: Little Mama’s Final Legacy


Little Mama, one of Fran’s and my adopted feral cats, died yesterday, and we are devastated. We made the heartbreaking decision for her to be euthanized after several weeks of an illness that led to her refusing to eat and rapidly losing weight and even losing the use of one of her back legs. She was only about 9 years old — far too young for a cat, especially a pampered house cat, to die...

Why “Nobody’s Perfect” is Such Good News


Nobody’s perfect. It’s such a bit of folk wisdom that it just rolls off our tongue. But do we believe it? Do we accept the imperfections in ourselves — or others — or do we get caught up in judgment, when faced with something we don’t like or of which we disapprove? Jesus said, “Do not judge,” but I confess: sometimes I do. And often, the person I’m the hardest...

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