How to be a Contemplative in Today’s Political Climate


I was speaking recently with one of my Patreon supporters (Patreon is a crowdfunding program to support writers, bloggers, musicians, etc. This blog is made possible by the generous people who support it through Patreon). She asked me a blunt question. How do you do it? How do you, as someone who writes about contemplation, respond to the political moment that we find ourselves in? Such an...

Is Mystical Spirituality an Appropriate Response to the Social and Political Crises of Our Time? Absolutely.


I am writing these words on a Monday morning following two mass shootings that occurred on the previous weekend — one in El Paso, TX, and the other in Dayton, OH. These two events left over thirty people dead and many others wounded, both physically and emotionally. Like many Americans, I am alarmed at what seems to be an escalation in mass violence. Statistically speaking, mass shootings are...

The Politics of Silence


The other day, I posted this tweet: The Desert Father Abbot Pastor said, "Any trial whatever that comes to you can be conquered by silence." — Carl McColman (@CarlMcColman) July 25, 2017 And a friend of mine posted this reply: Religion aside, I think it's irresponsible to advocate silence in a country where politicians are actively trying to silence & ignore us. —...



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