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Books To Read and Savor During Advent and Christmas


A reader of this blog wrote to me last week and asked: I am writing to ask if you have any good recommendations for spiritual reading during Advent. There are some wonderful books to explore for Advent. Some are new, some are classics, some are specifically “Advent-y” and others are simply books I’d like to recommend. So, here goes! We’ll start with the Advent themed books...

A Miscellaneous List of Books I Like (And Recommend)


I love booklists. I find browsing someone’s list of recommended titles is a great way to find a new treasure. This is an admittedly idiosyncratic list of books that I recommend for your consideration. Obviously I lead off with books on contemplation/mysticism, since that’s the main focus of this blog. But I…... Read more at Patheos

Books for Beginning the Spiritual Journey


Here is a list of several books I recommend for spiritual seekers — especially those who are working with a spiritual director or companion. When I recently posted a list of books for spiritual directors, I suppose it only made sense that someone would send along this request: Thanks for putting this list together! Do you have any books that you’d recommend for “directees?” — Seth A...

Recommended Reading


From time to time readers of this blog ask me to recommend a book or two on the subjects I write about — contemplative prayer, the Christian mystics, Lay Cistercian spirituality, and so forth. So this page lists the books that I recommend for your consideration. Books are like people — none are perfect. I’ve included each title on this list because I believe it has something to offer the...



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