Thomas Merton


Online Course: Thomas Merton, Spiritual Guide (February 24-March 27, 2023)


Through Columbia Theological Seminary’s Center for Lifelong Learning, I’m teaching a course on the wisdom of Thomas Merton as a spiritual guide. We will explore selected readings from Merton, and reflect together on how to integrate Merton’s wisdom on prayer, contemplation, interfaith dialogue, and social justice into our own spiritual practice. This is an online course and it...

In-Person Event: Praying with Thomas Merton and Ignatius of Loyola (July 15-17, 2022)


I’m so pleased to be returning to Ignatius House for my first in-person retreat since before the pandemic! I’ve been asked to revisit one of my most popular retreats, which pairs the spiritual wisdom of St. Ignatius of Loyola with the twentieth century mystic, Thomas Merton! Come to Ignatius House, a truly beautiful and restful oasis in the Atlanta metropolitan area, for this time of...

Le Point Vierge


Cynthia Bourgeault’s latest book, just published this year, is a brief statement of her faith; the book is called The Corner of Fourth and Nondual. If you have been exploring contemplative Christian spirituality for any time now, you probably saw the pun in this title with no problem. But if not, no worries! Perhaps this post will shed some light for you. “The Corner” that...

Online Day of Reflection: Thomas Merton (April 24, 2021)


Thomas Merton is one of the towering figures of contemplative spirituality over the last century. This Trappist monk was a gifted writer and a brilliant interpreter of the Christian spiritual tradition, making the case for how contemplative spirituality remains relevant — and not just for monks and nuns. Our day of reflection will focus on three key “epiphanies” or moments of profound...

Writing, Quoting, Creating: On the Use of Other People’s Words in the Midst of Your Own


Speaking to the Shalem Institute a few years back, Richard Rohr told an amusing story about a retreat he gave to the monks of Gethsemani Abbey (where Thomas Merton lived) early in his ministry. Feeling a bit intimidated by leading a retreat where his audience was mostly older than him and represented a lifetime of monastic observance, Rohr peppered his talk with quotes from Merton — but he found...

Centering Prayer: Embracing Every Moment of Silence and the Presence


Like many people who are blessed with material abundance, I have more books than I have time to read them. I was so gratified when I recently learned of the Japanese word tsundoku, which loosely translated means “books piling up faster than you can read them.” The idea is that owning lots of unread books can be a sign of curiousity and intellectual humility: knowing that there is more knowledge...

Love, Miracles, and the Fullness of Joy


The following message was shared with the congregation of Unity Atlanta on Sunday, June 30, 2019. I was the guest preacher for a “multi-faith Sunday” and so I geared my message toward celebrating the commonalities between Christian mysticism and Unity. I would like to begin by sharing with you a quote I found online from an Episcopal Bishop, who has written many books; his name is...

Inter-Religious Spirituality and the Contemplative Renaissance: How Other Faiths Helped Christians Rediscover Our Spiritual Heart


Christianity has a long history of contemplative practice. But many scholars and spiritual teachers within the faith recognize that in the centuries immediately preceding and following the Reformation, the church (at least in the west) largely lost its contemplative heart. Theologian Robert Davis Hughes III addressed this topic in his…... Read more at Patheos



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