The Christian of the Future — a New “Mystical Minute” Video for Contemplative Seekers


Friends, here is a new video I’d like to share with you. God willing, this will be the first of a series of videos I will be creating in the months to come.

This video, like all my online content, is funded through Patreon. When I set up my Patreon account, I set several goals: commitments for new content or new projects that I would undertake when the number of patrons supporting my work reached certain levels. One of those goals is a commitment to creating a new video and/or podcast each month for contemplative practitioners; it was set to go into effect when my Patreon page reached 200 patrons. Well, we crossed that threshold earlier this month, so… here we are! This the first of what I intend to be monthly offerings of videos for contemplatives and contemplative seekers.

My goal is to keep these videos short — under two minutes long (given how loquacious I am, we’ll see if I can stick to that!). While you can’t cover too much ground in 2 minutes or less, it’s still possible to make a point or two, so that’s the plan — and by creating a new video every month, hopefully they will have a cumulative energy about them; since they are short, people will be more likely to watch them all the way through (and watch more than one, as multiple videos come available).

Given the commitment to keeping these short, I am calling this video series my “Mystical Minute” videos! And so I am humbly pleased to share the first of the series for you — a brief reflection on my favorite quotation from one of the great theologians of the 20th century.

I hope you enjoy the video, and please leave a comment on my Youtube or Patreon page if you want to offer me any feedback and/or suggestions for topics for upcoming videos. Remember, these videos are made possible by patron support — if you are one of my Patreon members, THANK YOU for being a Patreon member! (meanwhile, if you are not currently a Patreon member, please consider joining today — not only will you be making videos and other content from me possible, but depending on your level of support you will also for Patreon benefits, including monthly meditations/new writing, prayer cards, and access to my online course! Here’s the link to learn more and to sign up:


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