Mystical Books and Authors

From the earliest centuries of the Christian era to our day, mystics (and students of mysticism) have been writers. Here are some books to support you on your exploration.

Howard Thurman: With Head and Heart

So in reading Howard Thurman's autobiography, I expected to bask in his deeply authentic humility, his compassionate heart, and his keen sense of God's presence, justice and mercy. But what truly blew me away about the autobiography was the evidence of just how deep a mystic he was — and the continual delight of enjoying his rhetorical skill as a writer. Read More »

Jason M. Baxter: An Introduction to Christian Mysticism

An Introduction to Christian Mysticism approaches the topic from an academic perspective. Baxter begins by suggesting that the mystics of Christian history — figures like John Ruusbroec, Meister Eckhart, Julian of Norwich, and Gregory of Nyssa — offer a healthy corrective, perhaps even an antidote, to the domesticated, "nice" spirituality that has come to characterize so much of mainstream Christianity in our time. Read More »

Martin Laird: An Ocean of Light

This book, like Martin Laird's previous two, is not a dry academic treatment of contemplation. Rather, it is warmly written, practical and down-to-earth, and filled with insight and instruction to help anyone who embraces contemplative prayer to pray deeply and well. Read More »
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