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Ways to connect with kindred spirits who share your interest in mystical spirituality and contemplative practice.

Contemplative Outreach

If you want to learn the Centering Prayer method of silently consenting to God's presence and action in your life, explore the psychology and theology of such prayer, learn about related practices such as lectio divina, and find a community of like-minded persons who can support you in establishing and maintaining a daily silent prayer practice, then Contemplative Outreach is for you. Read More »

Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

I have a wonderful and affectionate regard for Washington, DC's Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. It may not be as widely known as Contemplative Outreach International or the Center for Action and Contemplation, but Shalem still has a global reach, offers a distinctive and beautiful approach to contemplative spirituality, and — most significant for me — was the setting where I was introduced to contemplative practice and to the ministry of spiritual direction. Read More »

Spiritual Directors International (SDI)

SDI now is an educational nonprofit, serving over 6,000 members in 42 countries around the world. Although it began as a gathering of Christian spiritual companions, today the organization is interfaith in scope and supports spiritual guides of any faith tradition. Read More »

Verbum / Logos

Most people think of contemplation and mysticism in terms of prayer and meditation — and rightly so. But there is still an impressive body of wisdom literature to explore — what Thomas Cranmer said about the Bible applies also to mystical literature: these are teachings to "read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest." You can take your study of the mystics so much further if you tap into a program as powerful as Verbum or Logos. Read More »

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