Mystical Theology

Why is mysticism an important part of Christianity (and indeed of all the great religious traditions)? These articles attempt to answer this question by exploring the minds of the mystics themselves: their theology, philosophy and world-view.

Discerning the Mystical Sense of the Bible

Origen of Alexandria, one of the earliest Christian mystics, suggested that the Bible needs to be read on three levels: the literal, the moral, and the mystical. It's important to understand the distinctions between these three approaches to the scriptures. Read More »

The Characteristics of a Mystic

I know two elderly monks at the local monastery near where I live, both of whom have reputations as "real mystics." Indeed, I would agree with this assessment — they both strike me as genuine contemplatives, true living mystics. But they are very different from one another in some key ways. Read More »

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