Rhiannon’s Star


If you are my age or older, you probably remember a wonderful symphonic rock band from the 1970s called Renaissance. The band featured tasteful orchestration, mid-tempo rock anchored by virtuoso piano, and a gorgeous five-octave soprano lead vocal, courtesy of a singer named Annie Haslam.

When I worked for New Leaf Distributing, I had the distinct good fortune to get to know Annie as I helped her promote her solo CD The Dawn of Ananda. Recently Annie has turned to oil painting, and she creates organic, visionary dreamscapes that are colorful and fluid. Imagine my delight when she offered to create a painting for my stepdaughter Rhiannon! The painting, “Rhiannon’s Star” is now on display in our dining room, and a testimonial from Rhiannon can now be seen on Annie’s Website.

Here’s a picture of Rhiannon with the painting:

And here’s the testimonial as it originally appeared on Annie’s website:

2013 Update: In 2009 Renaissance reunited and resumed touring; in April 2013 they came to Atlanta for a wonderful concert! Rhiannon, Fran and I were on the front row, singing along to such classic tunes as “Carpet of the Sun,” “Mother Russia” and “Ocean Gypsy.” After the concert, Rhiannon and Annie finally met one another in person, and here’s a picture from that happy moment.


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  • Wow. just wow!
    I was a big fan of them, and particularly Annie Haslam. They used to come into Westchester PA to the College there a lot back in the 70’s and 80’s. Unannounced. Scherazade being my fav… or Novella, don’t know. I think Annie had some friends that lived up in Downingtown, PA not too far away. In fact, I think she moved from England and settled up there. She did a concert down here at the Variety Playhouse a few years ago. Really neat.
    And now this. Its gorgeous.

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